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Alexandra de Vries
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel: (55) 21 8249-5060
(55) 21 2542-7713

Translation Services

Alêtras specializes in translations between English, Portuguese and Dutch. Other languages are available upon request.

Your text will be translated and proofread by a professional and experienced translator who is also a native speaker of that language. This ensures your completed translation comes out grammatically correct, culturally appropriate and polished in style.

We have experience in translating a wide range of documents, including business correspondence, annual reports, newsletters, newspaper articles, educational resources, presentation materials, literary non-fiction, contracts, manuals, press releases and more.

We always ensure the confidentiality of our clients and the documents with which we are entrusted.

You can submit your text in a wide variety of formats, in hard copy (paper), by fax, or in digital format. The amount of time it takes to translate a text depends on the format, the number of words and the topic.

To request an estimate on the cost and deadline, please fill out the quote form or email us at