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Alexandra de Vries
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Tel: (55) 21 8249-5060
(55) 21 2542-7713

Interpretation Services

Aletrâs offers you a range of interpretation services between English, Portuguese and Dutch. Other languages are available upon request. You choose which type of interpretation service best meets your project and budget needs.

1. Simultaneous Interpretation, sometimes referred to as Conference Interpretation:

The interpreter translates the message at the same time as the speaker is speaking. The interpreter usually sits in a booth and listens through a headset or other equipment.
Advantages: Fast! No interruptions as you don’t need to stop the presentation. You can interpret into more than one language at the same time.
Disadvantages: comparatively expensive; you need at least two interpreters on hand taking turns at all times, as the work is very intense. Specialized audio equipment is also required.
Best suited for large events, conferences, presentations or meetings that need to be interpreted into more than one language.

2. Consecutive Interpretation:

The speaker pauses every few sentences to allow the interpreter time to translate what has just been said.
Advantage: Inexpensive – no special set-up is required. Flexible – the interpreter can move around with the speaker.
Disadvantage: Requires additional time as the speaker needs to pause at regular intervals to allow the interpreter to speak. This can slow the presentation
Best suited for workshops, small group meetings, visits or tours.

3. Whisper or elbow interpretation:

Interpreter sits right next to the person he/she is interpreting for and “whispers” the interpretation into the person’s ear.
Advantages: inexpensive, flexible, fast and personalized. Often used when there are only one or two people in a group who require translation.
Disadvantages: it can only be used with one or two people at the most. Can sometimes be distracting to others sitting close to the interpreter.

We can certainly help you determine which method best suits your needs and what the set-up requirements would be.

Planning to visit Brazil?

We also offer a range of services to those who are visiting or doing business in Brazil. We can assist you in making appointments and setting up meetings, and we can accompany you and offer whisper translation as you visit clients, attend meetings or take part in events or conferences. Not only will we remove any possible language barriers, but we will also help you overcome any cultural barriers that may stand in the way of optimal communications and the successful completion of your business in Brazil.